About Angela Lindsey

Angela Lindsey is a children’s author with plenty of fun and engaging stories to share. She has been an avid reader all her life. A long-time businesswoman, she spent many years volunteering at her local school’s Scholastic Book Fairs before turning her attention to writing a book of her own. Angela’s biggest supporters throughout her publishing journey is her family.

Angela is also passionate about chronic illness advocacy. Since she was a teenager, she has lived with relapsing polychondritis, a rare inflammatory condition that causes cartilage in the body to break down. She feels blessed to be able to connect with young readers to let them know that they have the strength to face whatever challenges come their way.

When she’s not writing, Angela spends her time on aquatic adventures with her husband and her son. Her family loves to visit the beach, tour marine museums, go crabbing, and fish off the pier at their home in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

About the Waverly Series

Waverly the Witch began as a recurring series of bedtime stories for Angela’s son Bobby, who now features as a character in the book!

Publishing Waverly the Witch has been very exciting, and I’ve learned a lot about writing and storytelling. Angela hopes that Waverly’s hardworking nature and magical talents will inspire children to try their best and discover just how great they can be.

Angela hopes that children will be inspired by Waverly’s work ethic and boundless enthusiasm, and that parents will recognize the value of giving children space to figure out who they are for themselves.

Angela’s dream is to see Waverly the Witch appear at the book fair at her son’s school. She hopes that young children will enjoy reading Waverly the Witch as much as she enjoyed writing it. Waverly the Witch is just the beginning for Angela, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting books by Angela Lindsey.

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